Flappy bird gameplay and overview

flappy bird is a mobile app developed by Dong Nguyen. He is a Vietnamese programmer and a video game artist.The gameplay is based on the skill of the player who must advance a bird in a side-scrolling environment by tapping the touch screen while avoiding the pipes that exist in the top and bottom of the trail. The game rules are very simple:

when the bird touches pipes or hits the ground, the game is over. For PC use, you only need to use the mouse or Press an Up key in the keyboard to flap the wings and fly. When the player gets score he or she can add the score in the leaderboard using name or any username he or she likes. The player can share it on Facebook or Twitter and invite them to play and challenge eachother.

In html5 edition of flappy bird app, we have three factors that will be shown after getting ready message. This factor is the counter that counts the green pipe passed correctly. Second is the golds you have earned, and the latest factor is the medal. we have three medals. In order to get gold medal, you must get more than 40 points,silver between 20 and 40, and the bronze between 10 and 20 points.

In the new addictive game, you have goldcoin earning option that you will get for every new score you rank for, this Allows you to continue playing without restarting the game. In this case, the bird flies and goes down suddenly, so you should pay attention to your bird or you lose your goldcoin. When the bird dies, a message asks you to continue or not, this question callback only if you have more than one coin.If you select "NO" button the game is over. If you click on "Yes" , you generate an action that is not forcfree, because your goldcoin decrease by 2 power N in the first time, the N variable will be increased by 1, so the result will be:1,2,4,8,16...etc.

Flappy bird unblocked released. Now it's fully unlocked to play and continue without reset the game using goldcoin.

Flappy bird cheat is the way to score higher using Illegal methods and not with Fair competition. our web admin are keen on fighting this phenomenon in our website and will be aware of all the irregularities and remove names registered and we will be fans of all serious players and not cheaters. we offer to a gamer free goldcoin by clicking on the rectangle called to get two golds and play again to show other gamers or friends how you are good at Flappy Bird.

We have added volume function if you want to disable or enable sound, and scoreboard for best users in the last month, week and 24 hours. We have developed the html5 version of this famous game to help people and fans to play flappy bird game online for free using browser and discover some newest options in design and new graphics. our game is totally different when you compare it to the other games clone. Our website is not an affiliate for a dotGEARS game studio. Flappy Bird original was made in 2013 by dotGEARS and removed from the apple store and google play in February 2014.